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Why JunkAway?

Why JunkAway?

Doug and Paula Lewis started JunkAway after researching the junk removal industry as well as other business opportunities for a long time. It was important for them to establish a business that could be compatible with their family life while supporting them financially. In addition, it was vital the business would allow them to achieve their charitable ambitions.

They discovered that junk removal was definitely under-served and in need of a caring, professional company. It was very clear, early on, that customers have strong attachments to their “things” and they needed a company that could be sensitive to that. They also realized quickly that growth for their company would be best served through franchising. Partnering with like-minded business owners and bringing their expertise to someone else’s dream of business ownership was clearly the way to go for them. They recognized that franchisees having the same drive and ownership in the business gives them more commitment.

At JunkAway, we provide the processes you need to be successful, the tools to get started, and the programs to make the business function well. You will come to our office for your initial training and then we will be on-site to help keep things moving forward. Unlike people who open their businesses independently, you have our team as a support system to answer questions, help solve problems and mentor you as a new business owner. We have partnerships with everyone from marketers to graphic designers to shirt providers to truck manufacturers so you don’t have to negotiate with individual vendors.

You will be part of a community of people committed to helping people declutter their lives while contributing to others. There is a great satisfaction in knowing the majority of the items you collect will not be wasted. Ready to be part of the family? Contact us today at franchises@4junkaway.com