About the Founders

Doug and Paula Lewis came to franchising in a unique way - they planned it. Most companies start their business, become successful and then attempt to put a franchising framework on top of it, with varying degrees of success. Doug and Paula knew from the get go that they wanted to franchise, so all their systems and decisions have been made with that in mind.

Doug started his career with a degree in Business Management and Marketing. He worked in the construction industry, manufacturing, and financial services as well as being an entrepreneur throughout his career. Over and over again his successes were based around his ability to build solid teams of people and solve people's problems.

Paula has a degree in Mathematics and focused on the numbers end of business. Starting out as a mathematician, she moved through education and consulting. In her career she found that being able to teach others complex concepts was incredibly rewarding. Creating systems helped her build solid teams and helped everyone understand how to achieve their goals.

Both Paula and Doug enjoy the excitement of owning their own business and building it from the ground up.